Interesting contest for college students

The folks at AKQA in San Francisco are sponsoring a contest called Future Lions. The idea is to advertise a brand in a way that you couldn’t five years ago. (Hint: I think they’re talking digital). The deadline is 5/19. As you work on your Portfolio assignments, any terrific ideas should be sent to this contest. Couldn’t hurt!!


Looking for a new laptop?

Greenpeace has recently evaluated new laptops in terms of how environmently friendly the company is. It is an interesting way to make a decision….research shows that a large percent of consumers related to environmental messages. Would you balance the benefits of a ‘green’ laptop if the ‘performance’ aspects were not as good as a non-green laptop? It is an interesting discussion about whether a ‘green’ message would be appropriate for this product category. The whole story is here: Greenpeace study .

Duh #1

There’s a study out that says that iPhone users are also heavy Internet users (not fat Internet users…we’ll discuss what ‘heavy’ means in this case in class soon.Not sure why someone felt the need to do an entire study for this, but read this anyway: 

Pepsi Video Website

An article in Brandweek talks about how Pepsi is starting a new site this summer that will allow viewers to manipulate video content. The whole story is here: Brandweek story .

Make your own radio ad

This is a pretty cool idea: you can make your own radio ad at this site. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out!   Make your own radio spot!

New Coke Zero Ad

Do you like this commercial? Yes or no, and why not?