New Coke Zero Ad

Do you like this commercial? Yes or no, and why not? 


2 Responses

  1. Someone might think that I’m a pervert, and I’m not trying to be inappropriate, but the finger in this commercial was the first thing that caught my attention because it looks like a penis caressing a bottle of coke. I don’t know if anyone saw the resemblance, and I hope someone else did. The commercial overall was pretty creative, but I didn’t understand the connection between the animated body parts and Coke Zero. Does it give our body parts different personalities? I just didn’t see the correlation between the body parts and what it had to do with Coke Zero. There is no incentive as to why I should spend my money to buy this product. There are no benefits, such as 0 grams of sugar or something. I think the creativity overshadowed the intent of the commercial, and I also didn’t find it that humorous as well. It’s was just all around gross to me, and I couldn’t get passed the finger, the “special” finger.

  2. I had a typo on my previous comment: “It’s,” after “…and I also didn’t find it that humorous as well” is supposed to say “It.”

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