Doggone Good Ads

From Hayley Maxwell


I thought these Cesar dog food ads were fitting after our discussion in class today about how a cute dog can sell just about anything. After watching these commercials and looking at the print ads that go along with the campaign, I think I would buy just about anything that had this little “spokesdog”.  I sort of wish I could buy the dog, actually.  As a dog lover, this commercial definitely won me over because the dog is unbelievable precious.  The Cesar dog reminds viewers of the best qualities in dogs, their complete loyalty, devotion and love for their owners (or parents as I prefer to think of the relationship).  The ads aim to make viewers feel strongly emotional toward their own dogs in the hopes that this will motivate them to pay more for gourmet dog food.  The ad says that if you buy Cesar dog food, it’s a way to “love them back.” This ad doesn’t really make me feel like I need to run out and buy my dog fancy dog food right this second, but it definitely makes me have very positive feelings toward the brand.  This is definitely a brand for people who love their dogs and I think the concept for this campaign is really effective.  




From Katelyn Thompson


I thought this was a very interesting but expensive advertising scheme. The blurred billboard image is supposed to make the consumer feel as thought they are driving at neck breaking speeds, showing what it could be like if they had a Ford Mustang. The according to the site I found this ad on the image on the billboard isn’t fake. They used a new kind of plastic that allows people to see what ever is behind the billboard but blurred. This allows the image to move with the consumers perspective as they pass the billboard creating a realistic feeling and an interactive ad. 


This ad uses lacks words and persuasive statements but is strong on innovation and images. It uses the brand image that Ford Mustang has been pushing for awhile that a Mustang equals speed/power; Ford Mustangs aren’t about comfort, economy or durability, their about exhilaration. Which also includes a resonance strategy, the allusion of speeding down a highway brings back that excitement, youth and recklessness. 


Go Arsenal!

From Geoff Scones:




I just saw this ad for the first time today while watching the Champions League Semi-Finals on ESPN2. This is probably one of my most favorite ad’s I have ever seen. It puts the viewer in the shoes of a young soccer player who is recruited to play for Arsenal, an English soccer league powerhouse, and is thrown in the middle of the most intense action. While watching the commercial you feel as if you’re going through a roller coaster ride of the soccer European soccer lifestyle. I think this really grabs the attention of everyone watching. I was watching this commercial with friends who don’t even play soccer and the said it was the best commercial they have ever seen. I really like how Nike is using fast pace action and intensity to draw in the viewers. They really don’t have to promote awareness of a specific product, but are creating desire and action for their brand.



Summer came (will it?)

From: Megumi Fukaya
Ad from: Meiji Yasuda life office

The reason is why I chose this ad is that this ad is effective to distinguish itself from other ads of life offices. The difference I noticed is that this ad doesn’t explain about its product (about insurance price etc) comparing other ads of life offices. This ad just shows some pictures and music. I think it’s very simple. Other ads of life office are kind of complicated. They try to tell information as much as possible to customer. I don’t like this kind of ads.
On the other hand, this ad gives people nostalgic instead of a lot of information. There are children in all pictures and they enjoy summer vacation. I think people feel nostalgic from these pictures. The memory of summer vacation is common sense for people. Children are best models and people can recall their childhood and they must feel nostalgic. I think this feeling gives affinity to people and this company succeeds to give affinity to customer. I think insurance is long term product and high cost so they are careful to choose it. At that time an affinity is effective to customer. In addition this ad is best for its target customer. Because every child was 1~10 age, so their parents are maybe age about 20~40. This generation need to work hard for their children therefore they need an insurance for crunch. I think this ad succeed not only to build good brand image but also to catch target customer.

Idea Book Comes to Life

From Heather Morgan:

This commercial is a perfect example of “Don’t sell me running shoes….make me want to run.” When I buy running shoes, I only marginally think about the actual shoe. I think about myself in the shoes on a long hill, on a foggy morning, out of breath and standing at the top. Companies like Nike and now New Balance are playing into this ideal for runners, so rather than telling me how their shoe will cushion my foot when I run, they show me images of a runner conquering the world with his love/hate relationship with running. Hm, I kind of feel like going on a run now.

A Sneak Peak for Tuesday’s Class

From Brian White:

No matter how many times I see this video I still laugh out loud. The use of expression coupled with the action of the escalator (that doesn’t actually escalate) allows the viewer to understand the feeling of the “caveman.” I also like the claim, “So easy a Caveman Can Do It,” because it gives the company a preemptive advantage. Any company could have made this claim, but Geico did it first ad it allowed them to continue a campaign that was humorous and effective. When the guy initially passes the ad and then returns to it, it really draws in the attention of the audience. This is one of the best ads I have seen and its only 30 seconds. Great job by Geico.
Here is a collaboration of a few different Geico Caveman Commercials. They are all very funny, short and succinct and that is what helps make these commercials work so well. That and they don’t really offend anybody ( At least I don’t think).

Stanley Steamer ad

From Esther Nagler:

I don’t really think there is much explanation of why this commercial is so good. The dog does most of the explaining me for. I like that Stanley Steamer took this commercial away from ordinary carpet cleaners where they show someone spilling juice on the floor.Yet they used an example of something im sure everyone has unfortunately seen happen. They definitely catch your attention with this commercial and make it stand out from other ones.