Are you aware of bicycles?

From Tiffany Martin:

This is an advertisement for bicycle awareness— it shows in a really creative way how little people actually see when they are focused on something else.  I really like this Ad because it makes you think, not to mention it’s a creative approach to sending across a simple message to be aware of bicyclists. It’s funny to watch people’s reactions when they realize what they didn’t see the first time they watched it. 




2 Responses

  1. This is a very clever ad; I thought that I was paying attention to everything going on because I thought there would be some type of question about something that we missed. Obviously I was not paying enough attention since I missed a bear doing the moonwalk in the middle of all of the basketball action. Since this is not a topic that most people focus on all the time, it was important that the advertisers utilized a unique idea. This advertisement grabbed the attention of the viewer; there was no obvious connection to any particular idea or product until the very end of the ad. Overall, it was an interesting way to make people more aware of how unperceptive they are.

  2. I didn’t think that the bear was there in the first place, so I had to rewind it to see if he really was or if they added him in later through editing. Really funny ad, but I find that cyclists need to watch out for people, especially on the University of Oregon’s campus sidewalk.

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