Advertisements that Don’t Screw Around


From Douglas Kim
I came across this particular commercial and thought it was one to share!  At the beginning of the commercial I assumed a cereal advertisement for parents giving into their children.  However, as the commercial progressed I leaned more towards anger management and how to access information on proper programs.  The big surprise is when the parent sighs and the message appears, “USE CONDOMS.”  What I liked most was that it kept me wanting to know what was happening next with this slightly demonic child and if his parental figure would intervene.   The selling point for me was the embarrassment and frustration I felt alongside the gentleman with the problem child.  Being able to view an ad and put myself in a similar situation allows me to be pulled into what I’m being sold.
                The creative advertising team behind this commercial has both a sense of humor and understanding of their demographic.  It’s effective because it not only states “USE CONDOMS”, it also shows the repercussions for having an unexpected child.  I feel this commercial is targeted towards grown adults and teenagers alike.
                As for discussion on my selection on material I would like to pose a few questions.  Do you believe this advertisement is effective?  Who do you believe this advertisement is directed towards, teenagers or adults?  Lastly, do you feel this commercial is appropriate or is it distasteful in the way it shines light on children of unplanned pregnancy?



5 Responses

  1. I thought this was a funny and effective commercial. I watched all the other posted commercials, and at the end this one stood out the most. It’s also an important topic, so these types of commercials need to be remembered. Most people can relate to this kind of situation, whether you’re a parent, an older sibling, babysitter, or you’ve ever been to the store and witnessed this kind of thing. Everyone feels sorry for the parent and knows there’s not much a parent can do. No one wants to be stuck in that situation, and the commercial makes it easy to put yourself, as the viewer, into the parent’s place. I thought it was funny because the whole time I thought it was and advertisement for cereal, and when the saying popped up at the end I almost laughed. All in all I thought this was an effective commercial. The only negative thing I would have to say is that even parents who want children and try to have children can find themselves in this position. While many children do this, all parents love their children and most wouldn’t change having a child even if it did come at an inconvenient time in their life.

  2. I find this commercial to be very interesting and a different way to approach the encouragement of the use of condoms. I do not think that I have seen a commercial like this before, and actually do find it to be rather effective. I believe that it is directed at anyone who is having unprotecetd sex. It seems like usually condom ads in regards to unwanted pregnancy are directed towards teenagers but this man looks to be older. It could be towards any age group because th horrendous behavior that the child is showing is something that no one would want to deal with. I do also think that th children of unplanned pregnancies do not always turn out like that and this commercial shows these children in an unjust and someone inappropriate light. It could be seen as rather offensive.
    All in all I do believe that this is an effective ad though, it makes me not want a child like that!

  3. I thought that this was a great ad. It definitely seems to be directed to teenagers and people who are in their early 20’s. I think that when it comes to condoms it is seen more as a prevention method for those that are younger. If the person is older and already had some kids or doesn’t want them then a Vasectomy would usually be the preventative method. But overall very effective ad.

  4. I watched this ad several times now, and I think that, if anything, it should be a cereal advertisement. I really don’t understand what this screaming baby has to do with unplanned pregnancy. In fact, I know a lot of children from loving families that act in exact the same manner to get what they want. I did it too and, as far as I’m concerned, I was “planned.”;) Kids are like sponges, therefore, for this boy to present this obnoxious behavior, it’s enough to see some other child acting like that. It portrays a common parental struggle rather than the consequences of unintended child. The boy from this ad is clean and well dressed. The man looks disoriented but it doesn’t tell us that he is a bad father. Moreover, in this ad we see a precious father-son interaction, which is so rare nowadays. Also, even if this boy wasn’t exactly “planned,” his father is there, which indicates that he was mature and responsible enough to deal with the consequences of his “recklessness.” While I was watching the ad, I was expecting something like a parental support info line to pop up on the screen in the end. No matter how well you plan a parenthood, unexpected things will happen. The ad is one-sided because many people who didn’t plan a child turn out to be an amazing parents and vice versa. It seems like it’s directed to unaware young men, but I think that viewing this commercial will throw off everyone from having a kid, no matter whether they’re planning it or not. I guess that it’s somewhat effective in preventing unplanned pregnancies but it doesn’t show all the joy of being parents. I don’t like it.

  5. I think this commercial is genius. It’s very effective. I don’t think it implies that the parents of unplanned children are irresponsible. All children throw temper tantrums, not just unplanned ones. What the commercial seems to be saying to young people is, “are you ready for this??” We see embarrassment and frustration in the father’s face, and the ad is very effective in making the viewer to empathize with him. Whether the child was planned or not, this ad shows a situation that none of us want to be in. It isn’t shining a distasteful light on children of unplanned pregnancies, but on all children. This little terror child is just driving the point home that being a parent is hard work, and making the viewer think twice about the consequences of pregnancy. Very clever.

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