Banned Ad

From Erika Lincango



Banned Trojan Condoms Commercial : “Evolve. Use a condom every time.”

Fox and CBS both rejected this commercial because they consider that Trojan’s condoms campaign’s messages are not about disease prevention uses. Instead, it is about pregnancy prevention, which may be considered controversial for religious and moral reasons. I choose this ad because I feel that Fox and CBS networks are being hypocritical considering that some of their networks’  content can be consider salacious  and spicy.  I consider this ad as smart, realistic, educative, humorous, but also serious because it exhibit the pig as representation of irresponsible sexual behavior that evolves and becomes human by responsible using the condom as a symbol of respect for both one’s partner and oneself.






One Response

  1. Ive seen this ad on TV quit a few times. At first I never payed attention to it and I remember actually watching the ad and paying attention to it. My reaction was very positive and I like the ad a lot. I completely agree with the person that posted the ad. It is very contradictory of Fox and CBS to ban this ad with some of the other programs they air on their channels.

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