Etrade Baby


From Gloria Kim

While I find most of the Etrade baby commercials funny, this one probably tickles me the most. I think that it’s a well-done commercial. It’s funny, the message clear, and the baby is adorable. I’ve noticed that a lot of companies are opting for like a “theme” or a character that they can use again and again in later commercials. For example, like Geico and the gecko, even Kiefer Kia and their princess. The Etrade baby is now recognizable and known, much to the benefit of the company.




2 Responses

  1. I love these commercials with the baby. Etrade has done a very effective ad campaign. They have turned a not so interesting company such as Etrade and made it funny and interesting to all ages. When a commercial pops up with a talking baby its intriguing and you want to sit and watch the whole thing. They are affective with drawing the viewers in to pay attention and note there brand they are trying to sell.

  2. > I mentioned this advertisement in class today as an example of an ad that stands out, making you resist the temptation to change the channel to find better programming. This ad grabs a hold of my attention immediately because of its bizzare and humorous talking baby. Obviously talking babies are not something we see everyday, at least with this tone of voice and vocabulary, so it is quite effective in stopping people from changing the channel. Not only does it catch your attention within the first few seconds, but it is also humorous. It definitely targeted towards the 20-somethings, and probably towards males specifically because of the words the baby uses (ex- “Me and guys were talking..”). This language makes the words identifiable with a male in that age group, and makes them laugh because of the suggested stereotype that clowns are creepy. This ad is transformational because it uses the affective strategy (using both ambiguity and humor), and it is also informative because not only does the baby tell us what product does, but the voice-over at the end explains more about the product and shows the brand’s logo. The advertisement uses the USP strategy by saying that their company will help you earn 8 times the national average for your savings account, making it stand out from other companies. Though, as we talked about in class, I think someone would have to see this ad multiple times before they would remember what company it was for and what that company does. I personally didn’t know what this company did until I watched the ad and paused it on its last frame to fully read what it says. I assume that they have had other “awareness” ads prior to putting out this “desire” ad which doesn’t explain so much of what the product is but rather makes you want to use it. Overall I would say that this is a very effective advertisement for their purpose and for their target audience.
    > Rachel Fortuna

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