An interesting strategy

From Renee Benton

I  was impacted after seeing these ads. When I first saw the eyelashes ad I began by examining the image. The look of it reminded me of any other make-up ad minus the gruesome eye. For a brief moment my first thought was that the girl had a severe eye infection and the ad displayed how well the make-up covered up the other eye. I instantly was sure that this could not be the case and went on to read the text where I found that the ad promoted animal rights. It immediately made a lot more sense. 


It was my reaction that proved the ad’s success. The startling image led me to keep reading. What I discovered through the simple text not only left me disgusted but also interested in checking out the website and Googling related ads. Each ad that belongs to this campaign is influential because it forces you to associate the gross sores with ‘300,000 animals’. It left me feeling like the act of  beautifying a woman with make-up tested on animals is not only selfish but just not worth it. I like the simplicity and message of this campaign. I found it effective. What do you think?  



5 Responses

  1. Wow, I have never seen this ad campaign and it moved me after one glance. At first I was sort of shocked to see such grotesque images when I am used to seeing a beautiful, airbrushed woman associated with makeup and hair product advertisements. After I realized what the ads were all about, I too was intrigued and interested in doing some more research on the subject. Being an animal lover, these ads really made an impact on me. I guess I was just naive to the fact that so many animals are abused so that humans can have the small luxuries we are used to. It is cruel and unfair, and I am glad to see that this organization is taking a stand against the problem and spreading awareness. These ads were very effective on me, and have made me want to really make sure I do not use products that have been tested on innocent animals.

  2. I think the hardest type of advertising is public service or in this case an ad protesting animal testing. It’s hard because they aren’t selling a product, they’re selling an belief. This ad wants you to stop putting make up. These images are burned into my mind and if I did wear make up, I would stop after seeing this ad. I think it’s powerful and gets your attention.

  3. I don’t necessarily think that this ad wants women to stop wearing make up but rather be more attentive of what kind of make-up they buy. There is enough make up out there that is not tested on animals and the number of products increases. It is really interesting to see that the animal-rights company here used something like make up to get people’s awareness on the issue. Many women don’t know about what happens to the animals. I think this ad is very successful and strong and stays in (especially) women’s minds. Great pick!

  4. This is ad is extremely effective in all of its gruesomeness. The horrible image of mutilated faces paired with slogans such as “For long eyelashes” creates the perfect irony. By appealing to consumers’ emotions the message that testing make-up products on animals should be abolished becomes more evident. These atrocious images linger in women’s minds, making them think twice before they purchase that certain “animal-tested” products.

  5. I really like this campaign and I agree with the previous comments that it is really effective. Just seeing it on this blog really had an impact on me. What I especially like about this ad though, is that it is different from other animal-rights ads. For instance, PETA ads often put down people who wear fur or who don’t agree with their platform instead of educating people about animal rights. While I’m not necessarily “anti-PETA,” I know a lot of people who are because they find PETA ads offensive and obnoxious. As a vegetarian and firm believer in animal rights, I sometimes find PETA’s efforts frustrating because, although I am on board with their cause and agree with the heart of their messages, I feel that their ads do little to help the actual cause because they alienate people more than anything else. This campaign is different, which is why I like it so much and find it so effective. Instead of calling us bad people or vandalizing someone’s property, this ad simply informs us about what we contribute to when we don’t buy cruelty-free beauty products. It is informative rather than offensive and I think it does a lot more good than many PETA ads do, even though they have the same goal.

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