And yet another Nike ad

From Rachel Mays






I love this latest Nike Commercial.  I decided to look at some of Nike’s core values are incorporated into their commericals.


1. Driven by Youth – In so many of Nike’s commercials there are youth from around the world that seem to inspire the athletes and the company.  Children are part of our “American Dream” – starting out with nothing and working hard your entire life to achieve the best.  The “Mean Joe Green and Coke” commercial of the 70s seems like the first time advertisers realized the power of youth.  


2. Serve the Athlete – Nike will help you get there but it comes down to you as an athlete and how hard you want to train. If you want to be quicker, more powerful, higher agility, faster speed than you have a responisbility to work for it.


3. Premium –  Enough said, “My better is better than your better.”


4. Quality Products – With hard work and of course, Nike’s training products you will be the best.  I can’t see this ad working for a company like adidas where there is a stronger focus on style than deliverance of quality.



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