Bears Bears Everywhere


From Sussanna Barnes:

I saw this commercial when I was in the 5th or 6th grade.  It has stuck with me ever since.  I find this commercial to be very creative in the way it decided to portray its product.  Canned salmon.   For me, thinking about developing a commercial for canned salmon is already a challenge in itself, simply based on the fact that you when you think about salmon you think fresh fish from a market.  However, in this commercial they use a humorous twist on it and turn the commercial into a wilderness story on wild bears like you would see on Animal Planet hunting for salmon in the waters.  Then, out of no where a man come running out fighting for his Salmon an otherwise a giant bear would get!  Here they display their manhood as a boxing match and rest assure, John West Salmon will prevail!  It takes a familiarity of an animal show that an audience knows well and combines it with a comical twist to make a very memorable commercial.



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