Consumer Generated Media that maybe should have stayed home

From Cole Magnuson:

The whole idea behind this commercial is that they created a website called, and they held auditions for “normal” people to send in their videos in hopes that it would win airtime on television.  I found this specific commercial to be very entertaining and creative.  It is something that it spontaneous for a medicine brand like Pepto Bismol.  I think it will help people to remember the advertisement due to the visual imagination that was used in order to create the concept of people auditioning to participate in their own commercial.  I do not think it is a coincidence that this commercial concept came out during a time of hyped up reality television.  These commercials remind me of American Idol.  Companies are beginning to let the viewer and the audiences feel as if they are partaking in the whole ad campaign.  I just don’t know if a medicine brand should be making funny commercials.  It makes me wonder if the product will be successful due to the spontaneity of the commercial.  Or it could also cause people to have a negative view of the product because of the comedy involved.




One Response

  1. I think Cole’s choice is a classic! The idea of holding open auditions for commercials is just a genious idea, in my opinion. This young gentleman that showed up, just so happened to capture what we all think about before we end up having to take a good ol’ shot of pepto bismol, and I think he embodies what pepto bismol is all about. I thought the last part where he says “yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy” was by far the best part. Good pick Cole!

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