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From Caity McKean


It’s an advertisement I found for the Volkswagen Phaeton and it is absolutely amazing.  I think that it is interesting that VW chose to advertise this car without showing any of its features or even showing the look of the car until the very end of the ad, but I think it is an effective ad nonetheless because of how unique it is.  It immediately grabs your attention and makes you watch all the way to the end because it stands out against other car ads on TV.  After seeing this ad, you might not remember the specific car it is advertising, but you will definitely remember the Volkswagen brand.




3 Responses

  1. I think this is an amazing ad. Because it is so unique it definitely stands out from other car commercials. The ad also brings an artistic aspect that is not usually seen in car ads. In this case, presenting the Volkswagen brand in this way makes a bigger statement and therefore more memorable then promoting a specific car and its features.

  2. I like this commercial, because it is really artistice. It makes me feel I want to watch onece more and makes me curious. It does not show their company name until the end of this ad, and I think this gives the people who watch it more impression than usual ads. Although this is great and impressive in terms of a visual art, it can be said that it is little weak for advertiseing the company’s image. I can remember these hand shadowgrahpes but i think it is not good for promotion of commodity.

  3. Right away I can tell why this is a good ad- you can’t really take your eyes off what’s happening. As soon as the commercial starts, your pretty much glued to the screen. I wanted to watch more, find out what this was an Ad for, what story was it trying to tell. What made it even better was that it really had nothing to do with what was being sold at all, so you don’t feel like you’re watching a commercial, it’s like your watching a short movie. This advertisement grabs your attention and holds it clear through the end when they can show you the VW logo and you know who made it.

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