If you love the commercials, do you love the NBA?


From Mikal Mele

I choose this television ad because I think it is really powerful.  It takes you behind the doors of the NBA and almost shows you that these stars are real people too.  I wonder if other people think the way I do?  Does it make you want to watch the NBA more?  I do not believe that it does, but it interests me.  I love these commercials. 


One Response

  1. I almost feel overtly impressionable or naïve in being so adamant about my love for these commercials – but the truth is I really do. They are so effective and clever, as each short message, such as “Where nowhere to hide happens,” elicits a certain feeling or emotion that fans can relate to. I also agree with your assessment that these commercials take the consumer behind the doors of the NBA and show them that NBA stars are real people too. Furthermore, I think these commercials, on a more superficial level, cause a fan to think back to that particular moment or concept, such as the clip that refers to Nate Robinson’s dunk with the tagline, “Where are you kidding me happens.” When I personally saw this clip, I immediately thought back to where I was when I saw that dunk and I nodded my head as I thought about how amazing that dunk was and how excited I was when I saw him dunk that. Also, while I’m on the subject of these commercials, I want to say that as good as the national versions of these commercials are, I think the regional ones are even more effective in their message. As a fan of the Golden Sate Warriors, every time I see a “Where amazing happens” commercial that is only about them during a game I am watching of theirs, I almost feel proud to be a fan of the Warriors, and it only increases my interest and love for them. So along those lines, I would actually say that these commercials have, in some way, made me more interested in the NBA and therefore I have probably watched more NBA games this year than I ever had. While I’m not saying these commercials are the sole reason for me watching more NBA games, they have definitely affected how I feel about the NBA and its players in a positive way.

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