J340 Students Agree: Humor Works

From Christopher Miller


I chose this ad because of the use of humor to sell Motorola’s product. The ad starts off with the woman doing a strip tease, in an attempt to pique male viewers interest in the commercial. But the writers of the ad do a good job of getting everyone’s attention by panning to the gentleman in the board room watching the woman undress, then quickly hang up the phone, telling the other guy that his wife called. This ad works for me because the humor is quick, you have to pay attention to get the punch line at the end of the ad. Because of this, I remember the product the ad was for.


2 Responses

  1. I liked this ad because up until the end, you still weren’t sure where it was going and what exactly it was for. The punch line was hilarious and memorable for Motorola.

  2. I also liked this ad because the setting was really funny and I thought this might really happen.
    The last line explaned everything and was really funny because the owner of the phone knewed the reason why the other guy knew the phone call was from his wife.

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