More ballers

From Micah Liberman:


I feel that it’s a very effective ad, especially for it’s time. Everybody knows who Michael Jordan and Larry Bird are, especially when the commercial came out, you don’t just have to know basketball to know who these guys are so everybody can understand what’s going on in the commercial. The ad doesn’t need to explain that they’re great at basketball and can make very difficult shots. On top of that it’s a very fun ad and a very famous and memorable commercial. I still remembered today what the commercial was for despite not having seen it in at least 10 years. It also made me want a Big Mac pretty badly because of the shots of the big juicy burger in the ad. Overall, I feel this is a stellar commercial.



One Response

  1. Micah is absolutely correct, the ad is memorable and engaging. At the time both Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were two of basketball’s biggest names, but while Jordan was a young superstar making a name for himself, Bird was a Veteran of the game, allowing the commercial to interest both young and older age groups of basketball fans.


    You’ve got to wonder, WHY in the WORLD are two of the greatest athletes of the 20th century competing over putting this food (of NO nutritional value) into their body?

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