Nick explains it all for you

From Nick Larkin:

This ad is probably one of my all-time favorites. It is from Virgin, probably one of the world’s leading recording companies. It is a poster/advertisement  for the 20th anniversary of the company with illustrated symbols for all the major bands that Virgin has produced over the last 20 years. On the ad it says “Exercise your Music Muscle.” It is an extremely eye-catching and fun ad which could not be more creative. For instance, there is a guy with a sledgehammer smashing pumpkins on the street for “Smashing Pumpkins,” or two huge B-52s flying in the air for “The B-52s.” The ad speaks for itself with all the great bands and is absolutely a fun (and frustrating) activity in trying to figure out all the bands. I am a huge fan of music and I think this ad is an interactive and unique activity for any music fan – it also promotes every band and is better than just boasting a list of all the major artists Virgin has been involved with over their 20 years. I like how they are all in one central, neighborhood looking location kind of signifying Virgin “family” or community. This ad originally appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine as a fold-out poster.


Here are the 74 artists – it’s tough to find them all:

01. 311

02. 50 cent

03. alice in chains

04. b-52s

05. bee gees

06. black crowes

07. black flag

08. blind melon

09. blondie

10. blur

11. cake

12. cornershop

13. cowboy junkies

14. cranberries

15. crowded house

16. cypress hill

17. d12

18. dead kennedys

19. deep purple

20. dinosaur jr

21. eagles

22. eels

23. eminem

24. garbage

25. go-go’s

26. gorillaz

27. great white

28. green day

29. guns n’ roses

30. hole

31. iron maiden

32. jane’s addiction

33. jewel

34. kiss

35. korn

36. led zeppelin

37. madonna

38. matchbox twenty

39. nine inch nails

40. pavement

41. pet shop boys

42. phish

43. pink

44. prince

45. queen

46. radiohead

47. ratt

48. red hot chili peppers

49. scissor sisters

50. scorpions

51. seal

52. sex pistols

53. skinny puppy

54. smashing pumpkins

55. spoon

56. talking heads

57. the beach boys

58. the carpenters

59. the cars

60. the cult

61. the doors

62. the killers

63. the lemonheads

64. the pixies

65. the police

66. the postal service

67. the rolling stones

68. the roots

69. twisted sister

70. u2

71. white stripes

72. white zombie

73. whitesnake

74. yellowman 



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