Two Nike Ads

From Hayley Maxwell


This is a Nike ad I had seen a few months ago and it really stuck with me because I think it is such a cool concept.  The ad played on TV, the Web site, and on Joga TV, a Web site created by Nike and Google.  It is a compilation of amateur videos submitted by soccer players.  The requirement for submission was that the ball had to enter the frame from the left and exit to the right; thus creating a “chain” of soccer players from around the world.  I think this ad is really in keeping with the style Nike tends to use in its advertising because it is not advertising a specific product.  Instead, this ad promotes the company’s brand and image.  Although Nike definitely does advertise for specific products in some of its commercials and print ads, I think commercials like this are perhaps more effective for brands as big as Nike.  What I like about this kind of advertisement is that it shows an ad can be effective without constantly repeating the brand and the product throughout.  The viewer does not know that this particular ad is for Nike until the very end, but even so as a viewer I never forgot that this was a Nike commercial once I had seen it.



From Erik Kilgore:

  I decided to choose the Nike Sparq Training ad.  In the last month, I have fell in love with this commercial and I must say that is a first for me with a commercial.  I thought Nike did an excellent job with their new motto, “My better is better than your better.”  In this day in age, the athletes we see are extremely talented and kids become scared because they think they’ll never be able to match up to that.  This commercial is wonderful because it shows kids to be better than me, you have to work everyday and believe in your dream.  You might not always be the most gifted athlete, but hard work does pay off.  We never see the behind the scenes work athletes do.  We all expect they just walk out and perform.  Also, the song in the ad is perfect.  As you watch the commercial, the lyrics of the song absorbs your mind and draws you in.  Everyone hates training because it’s hard, but this is one one commercial that gets anyone psyched up.  To be better than the best now, you must start improving your better right now!








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  1. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

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