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From Lindsey Manning:
I chose this Coca Cola commercial because it attracts the viewer and continues to hold their attention until the very end. I think this commercial is extremely imaginative and truly persuades people to want to buy a Coke next time they have the choice. The commercial displays (in a very imaginative and creative way) the precise detail, dedication, and satisfaction of the process behind the magical taste of Coca Cola. This commercial, I believe, does a great job of keeping the viewer’s attention, as well as depicting a new and inventive way of selling a product.


4 Responses

  1. Being that Coca-Cola is my favorite beverage of ALL TIME, i truly enjoyed this commercial. I liked that there are no words, but the music (coca-cola signature tune) and visual arts play out the story for you. Coca-cola has gotten more creative over the time using video games as their inspiration. Not only does the commercial have a “world of warcraft”-esque style, but it shows how animation has changed so much in the way of video games.

    Good choice!

  2. Who wouldn’t want to drink a beverage that goes through that sort of production maze? It’s creative, unique and intriguing. Not only do I want to keep watching but I want it to keep going when it ended. The commercial leaves viewers feeling a little bit happier while implying the care put into each bottle of Coke. I liked being able to forget I was watching a commercial even while staring at the exact same Coca-Cola bottle the entire time. Very entertaining!

  3. I think Coca Cola ads have really evolved and have become so diverse. I really enjoyed this ad because I like the idea that it ties real life in with the world of animation. Also, I agree that video games have helped progress advertising like this and I think the Coca-Cola brand is one that has really taken advantage of this aspect as it seems to draw in a wider audience than just the old Coke ads of the grandfather and granddaughter sharing a Coke in a diner. Ads like these make people curious and intrigued to see what is going to happen. In this way they are very entertaining. Similarly, Coca-Cola did an animation ad a while back that had a sort of “Pay it Forward” theme that really got your attention as you watched the animated characters pass on good deeds to strangers. I think animation can either be good for a brand or bad, but I feel like Coke has the right idea and has created some very successful ads like this one that include animation in their branding process.

  4. Very clever! I was hooked when he put the coin into the machine. For me, advertising the production of a product, like the production of a car in the commercial we saw in class, keeps me hooked until the end. Although this ad has a different spin to it, I didn’t feel any more inclined to go buy a coke. The idea was well-thought out but I feel like it was a bit too long. I watched it again and there are some fragments of the commercial that could have been omitted. Some parts of the animation I was not too crazy about. If I could change this commercial, I would keep the concept but tweak it to be shorter and maybe brighten the colors. Seemed a bit dark. Maybe it was dark to resemble a industrial plant, but I feel like brighter/happier colors would have been more appropriate.
    Overall good ad and the music was upbeat and fitting to the ad.

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