A Disliked Commercial

From David Vengel

This is a Digiorno commercial I really dislike. It is informational in that the pizza is deliciously described. There are some generic claims about the characteristics of the pizza, like the crust and the cheese and toppings. Words in the commercial like “snappy” leave the viewer thinking this pizza can be ready quickly. The commercial also has transformational aspects I believe it is suppose to be funny, although I personally find it humorous. The words “made just the way I like it” might leave a positive stored image to the viewer. I choose this commercial because of my dislike for it. I see the humor in it, but aspects of the commercial really bother me. Why does the wife make the pizza after she is talked to like that? She turns the sprinkler on the guys when they honestly inquire on who delivered. The guys did not deserve to get sprayed with the sprinkler. Also, the wife if very attractive and the guy is extremely type cast as an average guy. I have no problem with this but I do have a problem with it being used as a subliminal add tactic to get average guys to buy frozen pizza.


One Response

  1. If the guy in the commercial was Mr. Profsheehan, he’d be wearing the pizza in an unattractive place.

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