Beautiful Ads (IMHO)

From Erin Champion:




The Sony Bravia commercials are some of my favorite advertisements.  There are a series of commercials that have been produced over the last few years with the theme of : “Colour like no other.”  I have a feeling a lot of people have seen at least one of these commercials for Sony’s high-end Bravia televisions.  There seems to be a cult-like following on YouTube.  People have taken nearly all of the commercials and either done spoofs, remastered them, or created their own ads based off Sony’s.  Now I’m not sure if they are selling tons of TVs but their ads are getting peoples’ attention.

The wonderful artistry and masterful execution of these advertisements is what really amazes me.  These are by no means low-budget commercials, but I think the money is well spent.  The “Paint” commercial is an awesome combination of music and color.  There is not a dull moment in the commercial, and I think it really shows a Sony’s rebellious side.  They are already being radical by shooting mass quantities of paint into the air, but playing the classical music in time with the paint bursting they make a stark contrast.  Through this ad Sony does show that they are using “colour” in a way “no other” television manufacturer is.

If you’re interested in more of the Bravia commercials just type “Sony Bravia” into YouTube.  Sony UK has also made an awesome website that has behind the scenes, documentary type footage about how the commercials were made : .


2 Responses

  1. My favorite one in this group is the rabbit ad:

  2. I really enjoy the Bravia commercials. It proves that there are different ways, other than humor, to really grab the viewers attention. I think aesthetically pleasing images really grab the viewers focus better than a commercial using humor. Often times I see a funny commercial and don’t even remember what the ad was for. However, when you are focused on a commercial such as this, you are taking in all the elements of the visuals which allows the viewer to notice the brand more easily.

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