Bunch of Bennetton

From Kyle Blum:






I chose the Benetton ads because they are unlike any other ads I have ever seen. They go outside the box and don’t overwhelm the consumer with their products, but with real issues that humanity faces daily. The first ad is about race. It shows a black mother feeding a white baby by her breast. I think this is trying to show that babies know no race, but rather just need someone to nurture them. The second ad is showing a nun kissing a priest. This is “taboo” in today’s society because it is well-known that priests and nuns are not supposed to be involved sexually with anyone. Though, they are still human and need affection. The third is showing a woman with bruises. Although abuse is very common in relationships, it is rarely shown publicly. All three ads are showing situations that some people would think of as wrong. The United Colors of Benetton does a good job of making these realities obvious to those who see the ads. I really like how they don’t avoid situations because they may bring down their sales.



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