The Slowskys

From Cassie Williams:




The Comcast turtle commercials, featuring the Slowskys, are some of my favorite advertisements out there. I chose a specific ad that makes me crack up every time I see it. Humor is something that always grabs my attention, as well as many others, and Comcast has introduced a creative duo of turtles that play to that role well. While Comcast does not have these two entertaining characters directly promoting Comcast’s services, it uses the creative strategy approach of positioning which places the Comcast service in the consumer’s mind relative to its competition (Dial-up connnection). While the sequence of ads can be entertaining, they also inform the viewer of Comcast’s services. When it comes down to it, I chose this advertisement because it is creative, entertaining and the Slowskys are very memorable characters that help the viewer remember Comcast’s features.



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