Rock Paper Scissors

From Maegan Zornado:

A game most people know from childhood, rock-paper-scissors, is making its way back  – in the bars. This age old playground pastime is now back in the lives of many young adults as the new drinking game. Building off of a 2008 Super Bowl ad, Bud Light is hosting a Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) competition. In local bars all around the nation, Bud Light’s competition will bring over 300 league titleholders to a “main event” in Vegas this June. The event will be televised on ESPN2 and contestants will stay at the Mandalay Bay.

This competition uses resonance by re-imagining a timeless contest in a win-money-while-drinking way. There is nothing to lose – just a lot to gain. The winner in June will not only be the first ever RPS Bud Light winner, but also will walk away with $50,000 and a free Vegas vacation!

I chose this ad campaign because it is very creative! Beer companies have been competing in the ever known “Beer Wars” for a while now. Most light beers try to position themselves as the good party drink – cheap, good and fun. As well, young adults are always looking for a new drinking game; in the highly competitive beer industry, Bud Light may take the title and end the famous “Beer Wars.” On top of this, this campaign incorporates many aspects of class that we have talked about: top of mind awareness, resonance, consistency within an ad campaign, and buzz worthy marketing. I guess the question now is – What would you choose: rock, paper or scissors?


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