Affective Ad Fan

From Claudia Hirt:     This ad really caught my attention because it is humorous. The Affective strategy approach works really well with me because I like to laugh and I usually think that something is good or well made when I have to laugh.  What I really like about the ad though is the end and the fact that there is a good cause behind all the humor. Calling numbers without knowing it happens to so many of us and it is a waste of money, especially when we realize it after more than 10 minutes (happened to me before). And since the name we call is usually the first of our phonebook and begins with an A, the ad suggests to have “A blind call -and the number” at the top and the money will go to the League Braille, a foundation for blind people.  So, the fact that this ad is very funny AND for a very good makes it one of my favorite ads.   


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