Amy Wicks and Professor Sheehan Agree that This is a Good Ad



I have always been a fan of all the Gap commercials. This one featuring Audrey Hepburn dancing to Back in Black is by far my favorite. One reason I think that Gap chose to go with these kinds of “dancing” ads for a while is because the songs they used would get stuck in people’s heads. I especially remember a lot of their advertisements around Christmas had songs that I would walk around singing for days. For me personally, if an ad has a catchy song like the “” ad or the songs featured in the Gap ads they get stuck in my head. It may not necessarily make me go out and by Gap jeans or check my credit score online, but the next time I would need that service their companies will always have a stored place in my brain. I haven’t seen any Gap ads like this one in a while, and I would like to see them get back into doing these unique ads. It allowed them to showcase their product in a fun and memorable way. 



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  1. Agreed. I loved this ad when it aired. For me at least, it’s not just about the jingle, I love that a clip of Audrey Hepburn dancing in “Funny Face” was attached to a rock song. I love older films, and I used to watch them with my mom on the weekends as a kid. So for me, seeing this ad was a bit nostalgic too.

    Besides, who doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn (probable eating disorders aside)? Gap undoubtedly was counting on that positive attitude to rub off on them a bit. They look hip, and young, and cool. But at the same time, they don’t alienate their slightly more “mature” (?) clientele with a barely covered model. (Can you imagine this ad going over as well with a no-name dancer in Audrey’s place?)

    Lastly, 100% in agreement: Bring back the dancing Gap!

  2. I’m a big Audrey Hepburn fan, (as are many people) so the ad immediately caught my attention with a clip from her film “Funny Face”, but then the music started to get loud and annoying. Sure, they’re trying to be bold and cool with that music, but it did nothing for me but cool my interest.

  3. As I was watching this ad, one of my roommates stopped to watch over my shoulder too. Because it wasn’t clear from the start why Audrey was dancing, she also asked what the ad was for. I like that this ad makes you wait until the end to throw in the Gap information. I think this makes it seem more creative and inspiring and doesn’t leave a viewer feeling as if the Gap brand has been force fed down their mouths. As a consumer, I appreciate this respect for my intelligence. I don’t need to see Gap on every image to appreciate the brand, their ad, and the product.

    If I had seen this on TV I would have stopped too like my roommate to watch Audrey dance and the unique, psychedelic way they pieced her moves together. I love Audrey Hepburn, and I also appreciate AC/DC. Audrey can even make rock seem classy and sophisticated (with the help of her skinny black pant!).

    I also appreciated what Elizabeth saying that they didn’t use a scantily dressed model and that this ad would appeal to several generations.

  4. I absolutely love this commercial. I think it’s really innovating, and interesting. It doesn’t just combine old cinematography with digital technology, but it engages the viewer with artistic appeal. Fashion is a form of art and expression so it fits perfectly with Gap’s product. This ad is directed specifically to their line of skinny black jeans, which Audrey Hepburn adorns beautifully but I thought the “beatniks” suppose to be anti-fashion. A criticism which could be made is whether or not Gap is trying to be too edgy.

  5. I am a big fan of Audrey Hepburn and the relic fashion icons like her from our past (like Jackie O) and i love how they implemented the updated song into the old movie. She is such an inspiration to the fashion world and I think Gap could not have chosen better person to represent the old but rebirth of this style of pant. However, I feel as though Audrey Hepburn and this commerical portray Gap as being a very hip and trendy store when it comes to fashion, when in fact it is more of a classic, basic’s type store…one may be mislead and let down.

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