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From Ashley Tschudin







From Ashley Tschudin:  




The first Link is to the Sony Bravia LCD TV advertisement and the second is to the making of the commercial.


I chose to post this commercial because of its innovative use of color in advertising. The commercial uses colorful bouncy balls to sell a television: a slightly unconventional way to get people interested. While the commercial is visually appealing one may question why they chose to go this route. Keep in mind it is difficult to sell a television on a television commercial because obviously the person watching already owns one. But, what would entice the consumer so much that they would go out a buy a brand new TV? The commercial is based around the idea that the picture is so vivid and colorful that it far surpasses other television sets.

While the commercial is amazing to watch, the making of the commercial is even more mind-blowing. You would think letting 250,000 rubber balls loose in the streets of San Francisco would cause a few problems. From watching the making of the commercial it is evident that this was not a commercial they just came up with and went through with in one day. The planning for this kind of commercial is crucial.


There are two other commercials for the Sony Bravia LCD TV that are just as creative: one that implores the use of paint and the other uses playdoh.

Check them out on their website



5 Responses

  1. When the SONY Bravia ad began, I wasn’t quite sure what it was that I was watching, but because the song was well chosen it kept me watching. When it became clear that the color dots were bouncy balls, the whole color theme kicked in. I really enjoyed that ad, it was aesthetic and used color in a different way.

  2. If I didn’t hear that this ad is TV ad, I can’t figure out this ad is TV ad. Because this ad doesn’t tell the word of “TV” and show the picture of “TV” from first to end. This ad said just “color”. I think this ad has a little information, however less information makes this ad more attractive. I think people seem to want to know if it is mysterious or things which they can’t figure out soon more than things which they can understand soon. However sometimes we can’t understand ad because it is too conplicated, mysterious. I think the balance is important. Comfortable mystery catches an interesting of people.

  3. I didn’t know this was an ad for a TV. This commercial doesn’t advertise its product, but it keeps the viewer watching it. It has great usage of the colorful bouncy balls and it is nostalgic for childhood. It is like the director thought “the SONY Bravia makes you see the world like a little child!” That’s what I got out of the whole bouncy balls own the street with the little kid watching. This commercial is arty and wouldn’t persuade me to buy a SONY.

  4. This TV ad is very interesting. As Tim and Megumi mentioned above, I also couldn’t understand what this TV ad is for when I began to watch. However when I saw the word ‘ colour’ at the end of this ad, I was sure that the image about Bravia was really imprinted on my mind. So now we can say this ad is the good example of the transformational ad as we learned in the class and transformational ad is really effective if made great.

  5. Yes, like everyone else is saying this commercial is interesting, nostalgic, eye-catching, etc. The whole time I was watching the commercial I was thinking to myself that it would be a really great commercial to watch on HDTV. However, I feel like this commercial took WAY too long. I would not sit around and watch this commercial on the television or anywhere else. This commercial could be reduced to 15 seconds and have the same impact–or maybe even better because I would want sit through it.

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