Not as lame as one might think

From Katelyn Thompson:


This is an ad for Seaswirl Boats designed by an Oregon advertising agency. It sounds lame but I was impressed by the unique approach the company took in selling the product. When thinking about fishing gear, one recalls middle aged men drinking beer in there boat while getting super excited about catching a fish. This ad is targeted to a younger audience for once; portraying the typical fisher guy as an extremist, rugged, daring individual. The over-sized photo (in black and white) shows a younger, possibly handsome guy, with a backwards baseball cap carrying a huge catch. Then towards the bottom of the page the product is shown in brilliant color, which makes it pop from the page. While the design elements are relatively simple the ad a dramatic effect. This is a transformational ad using a generic claim. In red text throughout the ad is the statement, “You can read the fishing report. Or you can be in it. Seaswirl Stripper. Made to fish in.” I just like the new image of fishing it creates.


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