Silly yet debonair!

From Trevis Thirdgill:


I really like the feeling of this particular ad. The slow-mo direction coupled with the deliberately cheezy baby-makin music makes for a very dramatic over the top effect. The end result is both silly yet debonair portrayal of GQ. (ya gotta love the part when he hits her nose and she’s all bloody. roflmao!) Normally when I think of gq I think of a superficial and pretentious magazine. This ad has swayed me to look at gq differently however because in a sense it uses humour to humble itself and admit that the ideal man is just a fallacy. If anything I think this ad fits in the affective category because of its use of humour to persuade.



3 Responses

  1. I totally agree with Trevis. This ad just blew away my perception towards GQ magazine, which I barely read. It’s risky to use humor for a client that gives stylish and fashionable feeling to the audience. But they successfully execute the self-deprecating humor by listing the attributes of the magazine and make fun of them.

  2. I think the argument could be made that this is also an example of a brand image advertisement, as well as affective. Even though GQ is using humor in a self-deprecating way, the humor relies on the image that the magazine has already imprinted on the audience. If the audience wasn’t already familiar with the magazine and its brand image, it wouldn’t be as funny.

  3. First I noticed this Ad was much longer than most. Almost two minutes long. With that amount of time an Ad agency can really do a lot with a commercial creatively. In the beginning of the commercial the man’s qualities are definitely idealistic but not unrealisitc. But as time goes on they become more and more outrageous. I started thinking “what is coming next?” No one wants someone with ALL of those qualities! Ithink that’s what GQ was going for when they say that the perfet man doesn’t exist. But… his amagazine does. I think they’re targeting professional men in their mid 20s to early 40s.

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