Nike Strikes Again


I know that there have already been several Nike ads posted, but I wanted to draw attention to this one for a couple of reasons.  First of all, after watching the ad, I’m sure you can imagine that it was a banned ad.  But why would Nike issue an ad that would obviously be pulled?  This was clearly a very expensive ad to produce, so it would seem like Nike lost out on millions of dollars when this was pulled.  However, I believe that it was their intention to have it pulled.  They wanted to push the boundaries and have just enough people watch it before it got pulled, so that people would keep talking about it after it got pulled.  This way, even though the commercial is only broadcast for a couple of weeks, it is so shocking that people will be replaying it, discussing it, and reliving it for a long time into the future.  My question to all of you now is: Is this an effective advertising method?  Is it ethical?



2 Responses

  1. I thought the Nike ‘Texas chainsaw’ advertisement was very cleverly done. I agree with Ms Sheehan’s comment on the advertisement strategy, Nike seemed to want to include a provocative ad in regards to their brand with the understanding that it might get pulled. I think that this strategy is very affective advertising. The Nike ad resonates well with people who have seen ‘Texas Chainsaw’ horror film, or possibly children who have scary dreams, therefore it is highly transformational. Nike does a grate job in stretching the boundaries with their advertisements. My question is: What kind of Nike’s was the woman wearing?

  2. This Ad is probably too frightening to be placed on television. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before anyway. But it conveys a great message. In slasher flicks, the killer is always somehow able to catch up to and kill the screaming girl character. But here she outruns him! I love how they have him panting at the end too. I think the Ad does a great job.

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