Finally, a post about something other than Nike

From Brian White:

It is a Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper commercial. I can only imagine due to its length that it is a commercial made specifically for youtube users, but also because it is an adaptation of a preexisting youtube video dubbed Chocolate Rain ( I chose this commercial because of it was funny, and unconventional. I also found it interesting that they transformed the video, it seemed a clever to take a brand that had resonance and combine with a video that has resonance amongst youtube video watchers thus connecting the product to consumers by the will of the consumer. The commercial also has a lasting impact o the viewer, don’t watch it too many times or you might catch yourself humming “Cherry Chocolate Rain.”


One Response

  1. This is a really great example of how television can make the connection between icons and advertising. One of the recent South Park episodes characterized YouTube personalities, one of them being the Chocolate Rain kid. I had no idea who he was, looked him up on YouTube and found myself watching his original video and Dr. Peppers advertisement. Thats free viewership for Dr. Pepper because I had never seen the advertisement either.

    The commercial was hysterical, but the experience was irritating. Dr. Pepper basically exploited this kid and created an ad based on his own original idea. I’m guessing the value they receive from viewership far surpasses whatever they paid him.

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