Anna asks: what’s the fuss?

From Anna Balesh:
Ikea is notorious for its hilarious and innovative advertisements. You can count on an IKEA ad to present a real life situation in a very clever and twisted way. However, many of the company’s ads are banned from airing in the U.S. because they often incorporate sexual innuendos. The ad I chose is a prime example of IKEA’s comical and often times controversial advertising style. I chose this advertisement because it has been banned from airing in the U.S. While I understand the commercial can easily be interpreted in a sexual context, I do not think it is any more appalling than many commercials and television shows out there today. I envy IKEA’s braveness in creating advertisements that are funny and maybe even a little controversial– after all, doesn’t that make an ad memorable?
Check it out for yourself!!


One Response

  1. This commercial definitely grabbed my attention. I found it hilarious and a little shocking, which always makes a commercial more memorable. I agree with Anna’s comment on how this ad can be considered controversial, but more importantly, I agree with the fact that there are many other ads out there that have not been banned from the U.S. that are more appalling than this one.

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