An ad for…an ad?

From Josh:
Do my eyes and ears decieve me? This is a commercial I saw last March on MTV that I found to be very interesting. MTV was debuting the trailer for this summer’s “The Incredible Hulk.” I found it amusing that they would make a commercial to advertise a movie trailer, which is basically a fancy word for movie commercial. I also found this interesting because I actually work for the movie studio releasing this movie and I had no idea they were doing this when I saw the ad. I found it to be genius as much as I did ridiculous because some people go crazy over these trailers. I then realized because movie commercials are one of few ads that give us a true sampling of a product, at least in my opinion. A food or beverage ad can tell us how good its product tastes, but we won’t know for sure until we taste it. A movie commercial seems like it would be a trickier advertisement to create because its thirty seconds it has to hook us in is with our eyes and our ears. If the commercial doesn’t already appeal to those senses then most likely we won’t spend our money on it. Where with other products we have to spend our money on it to get a better idea whether we care for it or not. Like a new Pepsi beverage we have to taste it to know if we like it. Or a new Glade scent we have to smell it to know if we like it. I also found it interesting because I think a movie is the only kind of product a company can get a way with with making an advertisement for an advertisement. I don’t think I’d like to see more advertisements for advertisements in the future.


One Response

  1. I think you’re rather spot on in your thinking about movie advertising! It’s not a product like Coke or Tied, something we’ve had previous experience with before. It is an add of an add, this is partly why I believe we are shown previews and adds for movies so often. Still, despite how annoying this may be, I think they’re on the right track.

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