From Amelia Samples:

Recently the CW’s show Gossip Girl started airing commercials that revolve around sex and the use of the abbreviation OMFG. But even more recently a new commercial began airing with the phrase OMG. The F was dropped from the ad. It has been rumored that OMFG was offensive to some people, which is why the CW dropped it. I personally don’t find this specific ad offensive. And if anything I would think that the “sex scenes” would be the part of the commercial that people would not like, not the F and the meaning behind it. I also believe that these commercials are fine for the age of the audience in which The CW shows are aimed for. I would most likely feel different if these commercials were aired on a channel specifically for the younger audience. What do you all think? Is the OMFG not appropriate? Why or why not? Do you feel as if these commercials will help Gossip Girl’s ratings since “sex sells”?



4 Responses

  1. Well, I love the show GossipGirl. It is a guilty pleasure of mine. The characters are attractive, the plot is addicting, and the idea of it is probably really intriguing to high school aged kids. I think it is okay to use “OMG” because it is already used in cell phone commercials and is easily recognized by younger America. OMFG does seem to be a little ridiculous to have a problem with considering the sexual scenes the show has. I feel like OMFG would match the content of the show, however I personally prefer them to use OMG instead.

    I do not like that the show promotes sexual relations to young kids but I love the show. I like the clothes they wear, etc.

    I think the real question is whether or not the show is promoting something positive..

  2. I also think Gossip Girl is a good show and believe it or not, kids are having sex in high school. So actually talking about sex is appealing to that age group. This is similar to the success of Dawson’s Creek, one of the first shows to talk about sexual relationships in a high school setting. I recently saw an online ad for Gossip Girls showing a couple (Serena and Dan) obviously in the middle of having sex and I was shocked! People can choose to watch the sex on TV, but advertisements online people have no choice to ‘turn it off.’ However, Gossip Girls is a hit show, which means that yes, sex seems to be selling. OMG!

  3. I am also one of the many people completely addicted to Gossip Girl, and I found the ads to be really exciting. They really did grab my attention. But when I thought about them a little more I had the same reaction. There are a lot of young girls who watch this show, some who are not even in high school yet. Then the sex and the OMFG seemed a little inappropriate. However, when I saw the ad on different channels it changed, catering to the specific audience. For instance on the CW it was airing as just OMG with very short clips of sex scenes. Then on stations like MTV it was OMFG with more emphasis on the sex scenes. Should the channel the ad is aired on even make a difference? Cause I’m sure the same girls who are watching the shows on the CW are also watching shows on MTV.

  4. While I am a fan of the show, I think that these ads are inappropriate. When I first saw the ad featuring the OMFG, I was shocked. Although this material may seem appropriate to some audiences, it is not for others. My first reaction was that I had been mistaken and seen something that was not there, however, I was not wrong. This ad has since created a lot of controversy among different groups. In an interview, Chace Crawford, one of the shows stars, said that he was shocked that the controversy was not about the scenes taking place in the back but instead on that one little letter ‘F’. It was his opinion that the network was simply trying to beef up the shows ratings and viewers by using something more risqué, and they seem to have accomplished their goal.

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