Taking a Chan(ce)

From Edward Tsoi:

One of the reasons I chose this video is Jackie Chan was in it. He is from Hong Kong and I am from Hong Kong too, now he is a popular hollywood star in States. I am really proud of him. Another reason is the competitor of pepsi, which is coke, was shown in the commercial. I was kind of shocked because in Hong Kong, you are not allowed to show your competitor in the commercial. I think one of the biggest goal of a company to sell their product is to stand out the product amongst competitiors. In the commerical, it really gives a sense that pepsi is better than coke to the consumers.


One Response

  1. While this is a decently funny commercial, I don’t think it is really useful. Obviously, I see what they’re getting at: Diet Pepsi is far better than Diet Coke. However, I don’t think they really do a good job showing it. How does Coke’s can getting crushed make me want to drink Pepsi instead of Coke? I guess I’m just not getting it.

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