The other side of the story

From Megan Criss:

This article is very informative and intriguing. Seldom do we hear about advertising failures because companies are quick to remove advertisements that are received negatively by the public, but this article provides links to a variety of unsuccessful, even offensive ads placed by some of the biggest retailers! Read on to discover why McDonald’s Happy Meals made parents less than happy, why Chevrolet will not be returning to consumer-generated advertisements anytime soon, why Sony and Intel were forced to publicly apologize, and why Walmart took some heat from its customers for being deceptive. Enjoy!

Here’s the link:


One Response

  1. I went and read about these advertising flops. The ones for Chevrolet’s Tahoe (which were user-generated in a contest) are especially funny! Chevy didn’t moniter what was being submitted through their contest well enough and some Anti-SUV ads stayed on their website for weeks. Most of them are pretty mundane and patronizing (ie: SUVs hurt the environment… global warming… oil… blah blah blah). But a couple were pretty creative and poked fun at the actual product.

    My favorite:

    Larger than any mortal needs
    With four wheel drive for conditions
    You’ll probably never encounter
    And sized to intimidate other drivers
    And damage others cars more than yours’
    Give you false sense of confidence
    So you can drive like a heedless jerk
    … because you’re the only one
    on the whole damn planet
    Chevy Tahoe
    An American Revolution

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