Can Underarmour compete?

From Walker Clark:


I decided to post these two ads (a Nike ad featuring Kobe Bryant and an Under Armour ad showing various athletes) to call attention to Under Armour’s unique marketing strategy in comparison to larger companies like Nike and Adidas.  I find it very interesting that even though Under Armour sponsors a variety of professional athletes (including all-pro linebacker Ray Lewis) they have chosen to limit the appearance of these athletes in their ads, instead opting to make a no name actor the face of their brand.  Where almost every Nike or Adidas ad features an elite athlete like Bryant or Gilbert Arenas (Adidas), Under Armour ads frequently show no professional athletes.  This strategy has allowed the average athlete to easily relate to the brand and accelerated the brand’s growth.  Only after the recent success of these ad campaigns, Under Armour was able to sign elite athletes and based on their success it appears that they are not going to stray away from their current strateg!




4 Responses

  1. I agree that Under Armour has done a good job of promoting their product without the use of super stars. It seems to me that this is a good advertising strategy — it shows that you don’t have to be an all start athlete to use Under Armor to win. Should be a good way to market their product to amateur athletes like high-school aged kids.

  2. With all the sport ads that have played everyday my whole life, under armour is the only company that it’s unique and targets the “average” athlete. They do a great job of advertising that each athlete, no matter how young or old, who has bough their gear has participated in the building of the company. It makes everyone feel proud that they had a part in helping it grow. Instead of seeing big name athletes throughout the commercial, under armour rarely shows them. Even saying, we are the “prototypes” enters the minds of all athletes watching the commercial and by testing the product, we can have a say if it is good or bad.

  3. I typically like the under armour commercials, for example the “We must protect this house” slogan once championed their ads were some of the more inspiring commercials out there. After seeing those commercials I genuinely felt compelled to purchase under armour. This last commercial, on the other hand, was just corny and bad. It seemed to be biting off of Spartan culture, except instead of breeding warriors Under Armour breeds athletes. I mean the message gets across, but this is too cheesy for me to have any interest in their clothes. Next time i need some neoprene shirts, i am going to NIKE. Plus isn’t Ray Lewis a superstar?

  4. I have to disagree slightly with what everyone is saying. They do use their professional athletes in a lot of their ads. The ad that is posted, until the final spokesman, everyone shown is a professional athlete. Now they do no leverage the athletes like NIKE or addidas, they are still in most advertising. The only ads I can think of where no professional athletes are involved in are ads for their kid’s line. Otherwise I agree. I really like the Underarmour ads and their unique marketing strategies.

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