From Marina Doering:


I am a big fan of the Orbit gum commercials (and also the gum itself). There have been several of these commercials, and each one demonstrates a not very realistic, but still humorous way that Orbit gum can clean up a “dirty mouth”. Not in a I-just-ate-a-piece-of-garlic-bread kind of way, but in a I-ate-a-bucket-of-dirt or I-cursed-in-front-of-schoolchildren way. I think it’s a clever way to use the phrase “dirty mouth” and make it entertaining, it creates pleasant associations with the product (it made you laugh), and it is also oddly persuasive. To be perfectly honest, one of these ads probably convinced me pick up some Orbit gum as I was standing in line at the supermarket, and it’s the kind I always buy now because I liked it. 

These are my two favorites:

The famous “You lint licker!” commercial,

and who doesn’t love a commercial with Snoop Dogg…



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  1. I really like these commercials because its an unusualy but still creative way to present a gum commercial. The orbit commercials have removed themselves from the traditional “fresh breath” advertising and turned it into something more humerous. They make the phrase “dirty mouth” very literal.

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