Green ads?

From Sean Brice:


I chose this ad because i saw it a long time ago and thought it did a good job of showing how house hold items contribute to green house gas effects and how each person can help out. I find this interesting because i think saving the environment is one the most important things a person can try to do.




One Response

  1. I think these kind of “green” commercials are also very important. It’s not that they are advertising a product or a service, but it definitely shows the power that advertising has on the public that things like saving the environment are put into a commercial form. For a lot of Americans, green house gas and pollution are abstract concepts, so this commercial does a good job in making real the fact of how much energy we really use. If millions of people watch television advertising everyday, it’s a smart way to reach those people and give them an important message in the guise of a simple advertisement.

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