Mr. W.

From Braden Betts:



I really enjoyed this commercial.  I liked how the audience didn’t know which product/company was being advertised until the very end.  The audience also isn’t aware of this man’s identity and why he does the things he does.  The elements of surprise and curiosity had wanting to watch the whole thing.  I realized he was “the wind” after a few of actions but I would still be curious about what he would do next.  Throughout the ad I was wondering and guessing which company it was.  I considered possibly GE and how they would talk about conserving the earth through wind energy.  In the end I was surprised to find a European company (mainly because I don’t see European commercials on a regular basis).   I thought it was a good twist to throw in to keep the audience hooked. 

I thought the usage of a storyline was effective as well.  The “wind” man goes from being lonely and annoying to finally finding someone that accepts him and finds a use for his abilities.  The element of humor made it even better.  The wind’s actions and persona are what made it funny for me.  Watching “the wind” (a symbolic character), act lonely and take on emotions was pretty funny.  His actions towards each person were my favorite part. 



2 Responses

  1. This ad is one of my favorites that I’ve seen so far in this class! I think it is so effective because of its funny and captivating storyline. We all love to watch ads that lead us through a mini-drama and keep us guessing through little plot turns, even if the entirety is only 30 seconds, and because of this, I think using a story is a good way to get consumers to stick with an ad all the way to the end. It was also really effective the way the company used a kind of delayed identification of its brand name to keep me watching and guessing what the product was. This ad is quirky and unique, which sets it apart in the advertising market and makes consumers stop and take notice, which is the goal of any advertiser.

  2. I also loved this ad! It proves that the use of a simple story can make an idea very succesful. In the first 15 seconds, before I realized he was wind, I thought it was hilarious. Why is it that we find A-holes to be so funny? Curb You Enthusiasm and Jack Handey from Saturday Night Live are both examples of people with dry humor that can be jerks, but it’s so funny! I guess if your on the side of it that gets to play along and laugh rather than the side getting picked on, it tends to be hilarious. I’ll stay on the viewing side please :o)

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