Target Is Spot On

From Emily Dang:


Target is Spot On


In the last couple years I have become a Target lover (or “Tar-zhay” as I like to call it). One of the main reasons I started liking Target more were their ads. Their use popular songs and lots of colorful images really caught my eye. Their most recent campaign “Hello Good Buy” is particularly clever. It uses the popular Beatles song “Hello Goodbye” which most people know but they changed the spelling of “goodbye” to “good buy”, as in when you come to target you can say hello to all the good prices. Not only did i find the song and the play on words cute but I thought the objects in the ads where cool. They incorporated alot of everyday products into the commercial in fun ways. In just this one ad they advertise for their clothing lines, band aids, Clorox Bleaching Pen, diapers, and bunch of other stuff. By watching the commercial you can see all they products they sell. In my opinion its Target ads are entertaining because they songs used are usually pretty good and catchy and its always really interesting how they might present their everyday products. 





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  1. Dear Emily Dang:
    In my opinion Target’s ads are successful because they are well constructed in a way that the color, music and movement smoothly deliver an emotional message. While the images put on display Target’s audience and products. The music and color evoked emotions and exhibit a very exciting lifestyle. I consider the red color and the circle shape as key elements in the ad not only because the circle shape is very appealing to the human eye but also because the red color evokes passion, excitement, and love. So, the Ad can be considered effective because they are not selling any particular product. Instead, they are selling an ideal of an environmental responsible lifestyle while positioning the brand in its audience’s mind.

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