A Good Commercial for Snowy Eugene

From Wen-Chen Chang:




This is Dentyne Frost bites gum advertising. I think it is funny and contain black humor inside this advertising and it also use the very popular advertising strategy on it, that are reasons why I pick it . Inside this video, the agency use something will gross out people to attracting more attention. Moreover, people around 14~25 especially prefer this kind of advertising and I think Dentyne absolutely aim the correct target.  




2 Responses

  1. I agree that the advertisement targets the 14-25 age group. The “gross factor” that we talked about in class last week for me definitely hit home when the guys eyes started blinking even after his head fell off. This factor is what I agree targets the age group. The advertisement started funny then continued to get funnier as the cab driver screamed and crashed the car and made the Dentyne brand stick out a little more in my mind.

  2. This commercial definitely has shock factor. It reminds me of the heart ads from class. This ad is successful in getting it products name out there in my opinion. I had an idea of what was going to happen but it changed as the commercial went on. The screaming was hilarious.

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