Does Outdoor Go too Far?

From Sam Johnson:

Many of you may be aware of this story, but for those who haven’t, it’s ridiculous. In 2005, 30-year-old Kari Smith agreed to have a ‘Golden’ advertisement tattooed on a highly conspicuous skin location, her forehead.  Golden, an international online casino web site bid $10,000 during an ebay auction for the ad space on her forehead. Kari agreed to the $10,000 for a permanent advertisement. John Wolf, who is the marketing director for Golden said “We couldn’t come up with an advertising campaign like this and try to make people get these tattoos, but if they’re putting it out there, it’s good for them and its good for us” (Falk, Desert News, June 30, 2005). Apparently, the tattoo parlor employees tried to talk Kari out of it before she underwent the seven hours required for the permanent tattoo. They obviously didn’t do a good job persuading her out of it or maybe informing her on the significance of a TEMPORARY wash off tattoo.

I selected this story because it obviously pushes the boundaries on advertisement ethics. What are your thoughts?


Check out the links to the video and article below.,1249,600145187,00.html


2 Responses

  1. This is a very interesting story! It reminds me of the middle school fad of wearing t-shirts with the logo of the store that they were purchased at as the design or part of the design (for example: “Old Navy Summer camp 1982… or something along those lines). That was advertising that the company sold to the consumer, genius! This story obviously takes part of that idea a very extreme step further. I wonder if people would or have actually gotten tattoos of companys or products that they simply have an extreme love for. After all, people wore those t-shirts. In my opinion those t-shirts were ridiculous and this woman must have been either very desperate for 10,000 dollars, crazy or both. The people at the tattoo parlor were right; she shouldn’t have gotten the tattoo. Either way, it’s definetly an innovative way to advertise.

  2. Wow. This is really ridiculous. I can’t believe that someone would give up their face like that for a little bit of cash. Granted its more than a little bit, but a person’s face is so key to who a person is, not only by their identity but also because it is the place where emotion and expressions come from. People look at another person’s face in order to know and understand that person. The fact that this woman just completely and permanently gave up her identity to sponsor a company for some money is really sad to me. It’s obviously great for the company to find someone do something this ridiculous because it is obviously eye catching and will definitely do it’s job of promoting the company. Not only are they getting their website promoted to those who see her face, but also to all that have watched this video or read an article about it. I think she should have asked for more money because $10,000 is no where near the amount the company is getting in return for this. I just think that this woman just wholly turned herself into an object of consumerism and that is sad to see for our society.

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