Love Beer?

From Keiichi Hashimoto:



The ads of Japanese drink company, Sapporo. These ads are featuring Sapporo-Kuroraberu ( Beer).




These ads were really popular in Japan about 5 or 6 years ago. Lots of this series were made in those days. This series was famous for its use of special slow motion effects. I think this series is still interesting and funny if broadcasted. Also the music used in this series was very famous in Japan so people could understand easily that this is Sapporo’s ad. So I think this seris was really successful and effective in this respect. 

I introduced these ads because I’ve never seen this kind of advertisement in U.S.A. So what do you think of these ads? And if you know the similar type ads in U.S.A, it’s really fun if you can let me know.




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