The Snotty Doctor

From Meghan Foley:

I really enjoyed this ad. Although I did not see this ad on tv, I think it provides a comical and somewhat personal connection with the viewer by incorporating human experience. Naturally people are drawn to children and this particular child is extremely entertaining as she explains a doctor visit that she recently had. This ad is informational in that it has somewhat of a direct message through the text on the screen that is providing info about the brand, but it is also using this little girl’s story-telling and humor to provide a seemingly realistic message and in this way it seems somewhat transformational. The ad is very simple and makes this little girls face and particularly her facial expressions the focus of the ad. I think that the element of humor in advertisements is one of the most successful traits in today’s advertising and this message shows that a simple script and a little girl in front of a black background with a little comedy, seemingly intentional or not, can go a long way for a brand. Some of the new technology and video-game like advertisements like the Coca-Cola machine ad are very successful and very entertaining. However, in a market that is increasingly evolving and demanding more, it is interesting to see that an ad as simple as this can still be extremely successful.


One Response

  1. I agree with Meghan about this commercial. As mentioned in class people are drawn towards puppies, and babies (In this case a little girl.). This advertisement is very humorous, and cute. It draws the viewer in by adding personality, and character to the overall message. The only flaw in this advertisement is the repetition of the little girl saying how pretty the doctor was. However, I think it would have been more affective if she could have described her experience a bit more personally (like perhaps talk about a long wait in the office, or maybe having something more dramatic happen.)

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