Pushing Limits

From Katherine Jordan
The April issue of Print Magazine contained a feature on upcoming visual artists for the 2008 year. These artists were part of the 10th annual New Visual Artists Competition that the magazine holds. The article describes how the industry of design has adapted and changed, which made me think about the all the technological advances the Bedbury Award winner described from the New York conference. The article said designers today can’t be afraid to push limits – designers should be able to design anything from mini dioramas, paper toys, blogs, notebook doodles, classified ads – practically daring ad agencies to hire them. Some of the individuals featured created designs for Viktor and Rolf and Nokia. Other artists created museum guides, posters and exhibit designs, covers and spreads for magazines, and titles and spreads for films and music videos. And most of them are still very young, a testament to the idea that creativity doesn’t only come with experience and age.

As a senior this year who’s looking into ad agencies in Portland, I thought this article was really pertinent not only to my future career but to the type of industry that we are currently studying in J340. Print Magazine has a website at printmag.com, but I’ve scanned two pages from the actual magazine. The artist featured is Michael Freimuth. He works on covers for the Chicago based Lumpen magazine and aided in designing the 2007 ad campaign for Converse sneakers. I scanned these pages because I thought his physical designs for Azita’s Almost American Hot Sauce were really awesome. Labels on hot sauces are pretty typical but Freimuth’s designs are kind of wacky and eye-catching.

Here’s a link to Michael Freimuth’s personal website if anyone is interested.


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