A breath of fresh, um, fire?

From Rachel Fortuna:

This advertisement is targeted towards single women between the ages of 21 and 40, who perhaps have been in a similar situation before where a guy tried so hard to impress her and just ended up embarrassing himself. Even if that hadn’t happened directly to her, women might still find this commercial amusing. I dont feel like this ad is directed towards men because the scene is set at a seemingly romantic dinner where the woman is being pampered. Every woman likes to be pampered and treated with respect by men, even if their good intentions don’t always work out as well as they plan (like in this ad for instance). The strategy of this ad is to be not only informative but also transformational, targeting the “desire” and perhaps “interest” category of the hierarchy of effects. Bud Light is a very well known product and really doesn’t need any explaining of what it is or what it is for, but this ad describes in detail all of the positive aspects of it in the voice over. This description is almost done in a satirical manner, listing off the product’s features when everyone already knows them in order to make the joke of the ad- “Bud Light giving you breath of fire”. It mostly focuses on the “desire” tier of the pyramid though because it appeals to the target audience’s personality using the affective strategy. The identifiability of the comedy of the situation and the satire of the “breath of fire” being an impressive feature of Bud Light make this ad effective.


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