Getting Up Close with The Olympus Zoom

From Andrew Parnell:
This is an excellent campaign out of Sydney, Australia agency JWT that really attempts to create an emotional connection with these binoculars. It’s absolutely beautiful.


2 Responses

  1. I found this ad campaign very interesting. I don’t really own binoculars, but the main function of binoculars is to zoom into an object that is far away from the viewer. The ad campaign really works out and brings up this function by putting the animals right in front of the viewers. With the exaggerated facial expressions of those people, the ad campaign works even better.

  2. I was looking through the blogs everybody put, and for some reason this ad campaign really stood out to me. First off, I think it is a very clever concept of having the animals attached to the binoculars as if they are actually that close. I think it is important for the people looking through the binoculars to look surprised and astonished. It helps add the whole idea of “wow! These binoculars really DO work!” Overall, I really like these ad’s.

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