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From Elissa Gavette:
These are examples of Ikea’s innovative promotional campaign strategy. I’m not sure where the picture of the bus stop was taken, but the picture of the moving truck was taken in Portland, Or., last summer before they opened the new location. It was a big deal that Ikea was coming to Oregon when they first announced it but I had no idea that they were going to make such an entrance. The first time I saw one of the trucks go through the intersection in front of me, my jaw dropped. I just remember thinking, That is so cool! It got everyone talking and the anticipation for the grand opening only grew. For the rest of the summer I was always on the look out for the glass cased trucks with spectacularly decorated rooms.


3 Responses

  1. I think this is one of the most creative ways I have ever seen of bringing a product to the consumer’s attention. I was wondering where these are being displayed because I have never seen them before. I also question how they keep the products from being stolen. The second one doesn’t even look enclosed. If I saw one of these displays on the street I would be shocked and run to the nearest IKEA. Even though, I have no idea if there are any in Eugene. This is definitely the future of advertising.

  2. This is really cool advertising. I like the originality. IKEA did a great job of thinking outside the box. These two ads are creative and get people’s attention. They have broken out of the clutter of other ads one would see in a city, making them more memorable. It also makes people more likely to check out more information on the brand. I was in Portland this summer and did not see the truck driving around, but I wish I had. Also the bus stop looks pretty comfortable. Can people sit on the couch while they are waiting for the bus? If they can, how do they keep it clean, because even though it is original a dirty bus stop may not be the best thing for the companies brand image.

  3. I think this type of advertising really communicates well to any audience. It gets people’s attention, and probably creates a lot of conversation between people. These ads are good for PR as well, I am sure there were more than a few news articles, and other broadcast news about the bus stops in town. People can enjoy the ads visually as well as physically. It is very innovative and I have never seen anything like it, especially the glass room trucks.

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