It Worked on Nathan

From Nathan Emerson-Verhoeven
This commercial for Sprite is great. It uses a mix of resonance (playing basketball/hanging out with friends) and affective (jumping into the basketball court as if it were a pool) strategies to get it’s message across. Interestingly, the ad doesn’t tell you anything about the product’s taste, which leads me to believe that they are trying to remind consumers who are already aware of their brand to keep buying it. Furthermore, the use of the color red really helps drive the feeling of a hot day home. This can be seen in the clothing of the kids playing basketball, and the red tint that was added to the video of the commercial. At the end of the add text appears in rippling water that says, “Freedom From Thirst.” I think this catch-phrase complements the visual goals of the ad very well. The next time I’m thirsty, I’m buying a Sprite.


3 Responses

  1. I have to agree with Nathan that this is a great example of a ‘reminder’ commercial.

  2. this is a great commercial that sprite has come out with. The thing that always sticks out in my mind about this commercial is the quality of the song. Every time that song is on i know its the sprite commercial!

  3. I find this commercial to be very well done. It is exactly as you say, its a reminder commercial for buyers who already know of the product. Their saying of “obey your thirst” fits perfectly along these lines and as does jumping into a pool on a hot summer day does just the same as a refreshing sprite. Freedom from thirst, just another way to say sprite is one of the most refreshing drinks. I agree I love sprite! This commercial is creative in how they portrayed this pool and comes out of know where to be a very memorable commercial. All my friends who have seen this always say “this commercial is tight!” and that it sticks out in their mind. Good work!

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