Just Dew It.

From Thomas Griffin:

I picked this commercial because its interesting use of information and humor. Mountain Dew MDX has nothing to do with rainforest animals or Lionel Ritchie, but it’s funny because MDX is an energy drink that can keep you up “All Night Long” with the nocturnal animals.


4 Responses

  1. I haven’t seen this ad, but I definitely like it. I’m 100% sure I’m not in the target audience. Does anyone know what MDX stands for?

  2. I didn’t really like this commercial. I felt that they went soft on there product and tried to stray away from extreme sports. Red Bull sponsors free style MX legend Travis Pastrana and it has worked for them. I guess i just feel this commercial doesn’t fit the product.

  3. I really thouht that this ad was funny. I like animals so I liked that they were used in a funny way. I also really like Mountain Dew Ads in general because I like what the represent and I think that most of their ads target the same group of people that their products do. They are really into the extreme sports industry and the people that get that about them get their comercials and advertisements.

  4. I enjoyed this commercial very much and I like how they showed all the animals through night vision goggles to give them a green tint. If I was given the color green and then ask to associate a soda with it I would say Mountain Dew right off the bat so having the commercial mostly green is very effective.

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